Shop operators to make good use of advantages

some of the location of the store is indeed poor, however, a store any will have their own advantages, if you can dig out their own advantages, the shop’s business will undoubtedly be of great help. My shop is located in the Hubei province Zigui County town, because of remoteness, usually less people in the past, recent farmers are in the 200 meters away. Oh, I decided to give only "Hope" in front of the 334 provincial highway, to seek a breakthrough from the crossing of the passengers.

, a passer-by can borrow the toilet to me, go and buy a pack of cigarettes. It makes me a dart: a few public toilets, the comings and goings of the passengers must have this demand, why don’t I build a toilet in the shop? Say to do.

did not have a few days, the public toilets will be repaired, I also put on the "free public toilets" brand. As a result, rest here in my bus and passenger instantly up, passengers are taking advantage of this gap to get off to rest, I buy a cigarette lighter, mineral water and so on, shop business gradually improved.

at this time, I began to think about the goods sold together, perhaps business will be better. What to sell? The passengers must have been hungry and thirsty for such a long ride. The door swing point Marinated Egg, corn, plus drinks, should be good. But the road to sell these not only my family, how to attract passengers to me?

now people are interested in green food, this is not the demand? So, I specialized in soil egg farmers buy from local mountain, the growth environment of hen’s photograph hung on the door. The customer is attracted by the look. Not only that, but also for different groups of people launched a package". For example, "a Marinated Egg + a corn" little friend packages, and price concessions. In this way, not only to avoid the difficulties of customer choice, but also for me to bring more profits.

will highlight its own advantages, which will undoubtedly have a greater appeal for customers. It seems that the business has to identify the location, clever use of the advantages of playing a good combination of cards, which will be of great help to the development of the store’s business, so as to help operators earn more lucrative returns.

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