The annual yield of 78% gave the BRC Nanjing police cracked an illegal fund-raising

is a common financial investment in life, generally people putting money in the bank, is relatively safe, but the market also has a number of financial products, such as the northeast rice processing project needs to raise funds, the annual yield of 78%, and gold brick. Is there such a good thing? Reporters from Nanjing Qinhuai police that a gang of illegal fund-raising on the grounds, just two years time crazy money about eighty million yuan. The police investigation found that the project called the northeast base is actually a piece of wasteland. Currently, the police preliminary statistics, the number of victims registered more than 800, has verified the amount of fraud of $46 million 292 thousand.


annualized yield of 78%?

has not yet returned, but the company closed the

in January this year, Nanjing Qinhuai police have been members of the public to reflect, they buy financial products in Qinhuai District, an investment company, did not get back the capital, the company has been deserted.

According to

police police who provide the address of the home survey found the downtown office office door locked. Small office is a mess, littered with paper scraps of paper, the host computer and the screen on the ground. Office documents were taken away, the computer did not find any useful information.

according to the victim Zhang aunt reflect, she went to buy food on the way to receive leaflets, just know that there is such an investment company. Most of the people who invested with her were drawn by the flyer. Leaflets on the investment company is a key enterprise in the northeast, specializing in grain reserves and northeast green rice finishing. From the point of view, the company is very strong financial resources, in the Northeast has a broad production base. In the bottom of the leaflets, but also wrote, with this single can receive a beautiful gift".

had thought could bring things, according to the address to go, did not expect to be tempted to cast 30 thousand dollars." Aunt Zhang introduced to the office after the clerk introduced her to a "zero risk, high return financial items: 10 thousand yuan initial investment, 8 month return of principal and interest, the monthly return of 1900 yuan. This way, 8 months will receive $15200, net income of $5200, the annual yield of up to 78%. The clerk said, for the more, the more high-grade gift company, there may be awarded the bric.

most people told the police to tell the police that they look at the low threshold of financial projects, high yields, investment period is not long, coupled with the signing of the scene can be moved away a bag of rice, and therefore have invested money.



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