What are the four directions for future investment

investment to see the opportunity and direction of investment, only saw the direction of investment, entrepreneurship is likely to gain a complete victory. Today the whole network Xiaobian to introduce four directions for future investment wealth is what? Want to want to invest to get rich consumers can help.

when the industry down, not only the enterprise in the capital market becomes cheaper, more important is very easy to identify who is good business. Like the solar energy industry, wind power industry, buy site, everyone said that when the price of the capital market must be high, everyone says bad, the price is reasonable. When the industry is a big problem, it is easy to judge a good business. If you really want to invest in solar energy, investment buy, the industry should seriously study when the fall, when the industry rose, it should stay away from it.

Third, is still optimistic about the long-term energy resources, until China manufacturing power status has been lost.

these directions is certainly we want to vote.

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