How to manage a good shop

now, the online business has attracted a large number of entrepreneurs, the increasing number of online stores, making the competition more intense. Therefore, the operation of the shop has become the most critical, how to manage a good shop? Xiao Bian think in the operation of the shop must pay attention to a few questions, so that the competitive advantage will be large.

1, electronic payment

the traditional transaction in personal shopping is the main means of payment in cash, i.e. crunching, both sides can face-to-face communication and complete the transaction in the transaction process. The online store trading is done online trading, delivery and payment in time and space is divided, generally must first payment after delivery when consumers purchase, payment can be used to complete the online payment online payment system. The online payment system consists of four main parts: (1) electronic wallet; (2) electronic channel; (3) electronic bank; (4) certification body. Online payment system is a systematic project, it requires the banks, businesses, consumers and information technology companies to participate in the system, the lack of any link can not run normally. The online store is in the face of thousands on thousands of individual consumers, these consumers will be included in the electronic payment system is difficult, on the one hand it requires individual consumers must have good credit, security and privacy of consumers online payment on the other hand, the existence of concerns, which in our country is more prominent. According to China’s largest e-commerce sites — 8848 website statistics, 5815% of consumers with goods to pay the cash settlement, showing that consumer awareness and acceptance of electronic payment is a relatively long process. Therefore, the biggest problem facing the current electronic payment is to guide and educate consumers on the understanding and recognition of electronic payment.

2, security and privacy aspects of

traditional shopping transactions are anonymous, buyers do not reveal their identity, when shopping can protect their privacy and have a sense of security. With the popularization of credit card, consumers can not carry cash simply swiping, but when the card and password kept by the buyers themselves, consumers can still control the transaction process, feel more secure. While shopping online in the online store, consumers face a virtual store and understanding of the product only through the introduction of online transactions, consumers will need important personal information such as credit card numbers, passwords and personal identity information through online transfer. Due to the openness of Internet, the existence of illegal interception and illegal use of online information may exist, there are certain security risks. At the same time, in the purchase of consumer personally identifiable information will be transmitted to merchants, businesses may be master of consumer privacy, sometimes these privacy information may be illegal businesses using online transactions, so there is a risk of personal privacy violations. With the development of technology and online trading norms, now the introduction of a series of online transaction security specifications such as SET protocol, through the encryption technology and digital signature technology to ensure the transfer of personal information, transaction security and legal process, can effectively prevent information from being the "

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