2015 sunshine nearly 8000 women to promote entrepreneurship

innovation and entrepreneurship women do not lose to men. In 2015, Rizhao has achieved good results of women’s innovation and entrepreneurship, driven by nearly 8000 women successfully employed. Lay the foundation for the comprehensive implementation of the advantages of public entrepreneurship, innovation.

2015, the Rizhao City women’s Federation actively adapt to the new normal economic development, and carry out innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples — women in action activities, training a total of more than 6000 people and rural women, 1892 women received small loans 237 million yuan, up 163 million yuan in 2014 increased by 45%, 949 poor mothers get 710 thousand yuan of agricultural production start-up capital, driven more than 7900 women employment; 102 new reporting women Gang civilization through the examination and testing, the elimination rate reached 7.3%.

enhanced services, to build a new platform. According to the actual situation of rural male labor migrant workers, left behind women farmers, Municipal Women’s Federation to build a service-oriented grassroots women’s organizations as an opportunity to give full play to the advantage of women’s grassroots women’s services, and actively build Internet employment platform, help women promote sales of agricultural and sideline products and handicrafts, realize the flexible employment of rural women at home. With sunshine business network launched "the most beautiful female Lushang — my platform, I call the shots, sunshine female business marketing platform" publicity ", to provide sales, exchange and learning platform for the city’s female business, promote the city women’s entrepreneurship and the sustained and healthy development of e-commerce industry.

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