How to run a cake shop

is now in the China cake market has extremely high penetration rate, is a delicious, many people like it, but it really was introduced from the western countries, the current market has a very high degree of development, thus opening a cake shop is a good choice for business. So if you opened a cake, how should manage?

1, rent: according to different cities, the price is also different, here is my reference price 5000 yuan.

2, facade decoration about: including store decoration and light box 2000 yuan.

3, shelves, and employee uniforms: sell 500 yuan (4 employees) two in the shop, two delivery. Shelves and sell 1500 yuan. About 4000 yuan.

4. machine equipment: 80 thousand yuan (including the production of a full set of utensils cake) into the first payment: flour, butter and other raw materials.

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