Jewelry ornaments store method

in the operation of a jewelry shop looks very simple, but each tiny link may have deeply influenced your entrepreneurial journey, let’s take a look at the jewelry display this link.

the eye-catching display method. There is a jewelry store in order to attract customers, do everything possible to enter the latest popular new jewelry in Hongkong. But I do not know why, to buy jewelry for adults indifferent, like invisible. "What is the reason?" Best jewelry shop operators to understand, finally put these new accessories on the lower shelf on the unexpected things happened, the children into the store after rushing to the jewelry, soon put in order the ornaments sold out. Originally, the big people look the most eye-catching place, often children can not see the dead. This example is sufficient to prove that different accessories according to different customer groups to choose the right location, only to promote sales:

eye-catching display method is the main characteristics of jewelry placement with the eye gaze at right angles to a piece of gold is the most attractive place. Also set small is big, a "momentum", have a heavy feeling; highlight color lighting, jewelry to give a person a kind of gorgeous feeling; strong weak, there are times the Lord, close a drain. Jewelry store to do these, jewelry eye-catching effect is generally achieved.

the seasonal display method. There are some accessories on the seasonal requirements are very strict, jewelry brand stores must take full account of this. Jewelry in place, must be in accordance with the changes in the season to put jewelry. For example, suitable for winter decoration in the summer, the grand launch of wet is not appropriate; and those who love the bare decoration, certainly not suitable for cold winter in the streets. Those anti season sales practices, the jewelry industry is still not enough time.

the pattern display method. Pattern display method is based on the design of the jewelry itself style, modeling standards to put jewelry. For example, a symbol of the totem of jewelry, can save a dragon pattern and indicates that the above cleverly placed; Ding Xingwang’s jewelry, can play with children in the group launched the above pattern. Several methods of pattern display method common curve display method, display method and display method of tower ladder, display method and display method of suspension composition, jewelry shop in the adopted design display method, must make moral patterns and ornaments match, neither fish nor fowl will allow the customer to ridicule, certainly not to the jewelry shop accessories have a good impression.

in the original jewelry put them there are so many rules, want to run a jewelry store is that we need to take care of the.

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