How much is the sipping Xiabu jiamengfei

When we eat

, if it is not delicious will send this to recommend sipping Xiabu, this restaurant brand shop name is called sipping Xiabu, let us work together to understand this brand!

sipping Xiabu established ten years ago, has been unremittingly in the unique taste, product quality, food procurement, nutrition and health, satisfactory service, brand building on tillage Buchuo, and strive to break through the bottleneck of Chinese quantization, has formed a large-scale management process and unified standard, forming a beautiful landscape in the domestic Chinese fast food field. So how much money is needed to join sipping Xiabu?

How much is the fee to join

sipping Xiabu?

fees are as follows:

sipping Xiabu

venture shop: investment costs: 29800 yuan

district choice: Snack Street, residential communities

advantage analysis: stalls shop, a simple operation, the shop will fire

standard store: investment costs: 39800 yuan

values: Food City, commercial street

advantage analysis: product line optimization and upgrading, hot pot + drinks, turnover easily doubled.

flagship store: investment costs: 49800 yuan

shopping district choice: downtown, commercial district

advantage analysis: focus on building headquarters, brand facade play!

above is to join the cost of the brand needs, we hope to help, we need to join the


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