Weifang new business platform can be accepted on the line while entrepreneurs

with the development of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship platform is also constantly upgrading, the current virtual enterprise and physical enterprises are able to find a suitable incubation service platform. Recently, the first online and offline entrepreneurial platform in Shandong Province, can be settled in two enterprises.

1 21, a reporter from the Weifang City College Graduates Employment Guidance Center was informed that the city with the introduction of the policy of venture investment by Weifang municipal government, the Weifang international talent and entrepreneurship incubation center to attract a lot of entrepreneurial force. To provide a better platform for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship policy, new business development platform in Shandong province’s first entities under the line and online virtual space public record combining with the Weifang Xingke Business Incubator Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingke Entrepreneurship) officially launched, can accommodate two domestic and foreign enterprises settled, settled enterprises can enjoy the rent free of charge and other preferential policies.

investment object

line line also accept entrepreneurs

Xingke entrepreneurship online investment object is domestic natural persons, legal person of the enterprise, has the entrepreneurial ability of corporate headquarters, business incubators, Venture Park, public record space etc.. Give priority to absorb all kinds of Internet, culture, international trade, e-commerce, software development, new energy, new materials, new information, technology intensive, scientific research and other types of enterprises; to give priority to attract high-level overseas talent to create a certain size enterprises; first attract listed companies listed companies (including the motherboard and four, board, board, gem). Settled online entrepreneurial platform can be registered at any time, at any time to register, not limited by the amount and conditions.


can enjoy the unique service platform settled

Star line, line settled entrepreneurial incubator platform, in addition to enjoy "Weifang City fiscal policies to support innovation and entrepreneurship 30", can also enjoy the unique service provided by the company include: Star Business Secretary of Commerce to provide online service assigned to the enterprise, provide external business contacts, business contacts, business fixed communication address, business negotiation venues, conference room, training room; provide business tax organization code recommended

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