Langfang this year launched a strong policy for college students entrepreneurship escort

mentioned entrepreneurship, many people will think of college students entrepreneurship. Yes, college students have become a major force to start a business, but the success rate of entrepreneurship is very low and the phenomenon of the intention to create a young passenger prohibitive. In order to further improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, Langfang college students launched a series of preferential policies.

to "Employment Permit" (including "unemployment registration certificate") the university graduates engaged in individual business, network business and the creation of Small and micro businesses can apply for a maximum of not more than 100 thousand yuan, for a period not more than 2 years of business loans; partnership and organized employment, per capita does not exceed 100 thousand yuan the total amount of not more than 400 thousand yuan, to determine the size of the loan, to give discount policy support.

graduated 2 years of college graduates reported the public employment service agencies in the location of the flexible employment and employment registration, pay social insurance premiums in a personal capacity, given a period not exceeding 2 years of social insurance of flexible employment, the actual payment amount does not exceed the maximum 2/3 subsidies.

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