Shop every day special still can make money

now open a shop cost is not small, if you also do special activities every day, so that the business can make money? I think this is a problem that any operator will be very worried about. Friends opened a supermarket, is not particularly large, but the customer is particularly large, every year he can earn a lot.

asked about his success, he smiled and said: in fact, there is no shortcut, but my supermarket every day there are specials." After listening to his words, I feel puzzled: how do you make money every day? Moreover, the special price is the price down, if it is one or two days can also be a long time who can stand it?

saw my friends confused, put down his work explained: "many people also like you think so, I think that is a special offer to engage in fresh, at most two or three days, not long. However, I started from the first day of business to engage in special, now has been doing five years! In fact, I do not have all the goods in the shop are special, but every day there will be a special commodity, the price is certainly the lowest.

although I can not make money for this commodity, but for a different point of view, people in order to special goods, and some even run a long way, he can only buy specials? Of course, there are such, but after all, still very few, more people are buying special goods, but also to buy some other goods, and my profit point is here."

heard here, I’ve been convinced by him. Then, he said: "you do not worry about the special offer will lose money, if you want to, then you see only the immediate interests, should be put in the eyes of the long-term. Special offer is also a kind of investment, although the special offer can not make money, but played the best advertising. Today, we in this area, the mention of a special offer goods, we will talk about my shop." Friends full of confidence to tell me.

is not to let you have a new understanding of the specials? It turned out that even if every day to do special activities, the shop is still able to make money, the original, this is his business intelligence, admirable. So, if you are also a shop operator, you will also take this business strategy?

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