The best time to grasp the female monthly breast health net

will try to see now! You will find that God is not giving up our breast come true opportunity, only you no good use.

a lot of people want to own plump and strong breast, trying a variety of breast recipe, but no desired effect, a positive one by one just two knife, but the side effect is no end of trouble for the future.

but few people can really understand from the beginning of the first menstrual cycle, ovarian hormones have played a good role in driving the breast, from the flat gradually become plump role.

from menstruation to eleventh, 12, 13 days, three days the best period for the breast, eighteenth, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and seven days for the second best time, because of the impact of breasts during the 10 days of ovarian estrogen is 24 hours equivalent secretion, which is is the best time to stimulate breast fat accumulation thickening.

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so we should make good use of their natural resources, in the middle of the 10 days of each month, that is, the best period of breast enhancement, took the opportunity to quickly carry out such as breast exercise, diet, massage… And so on, in a timely manner to stimulate the breast so that the volume gradually increased, the total than the wild to eat breast medicine, secret recipe or breast cream have an effect Oh!


of course in this 10 days of the diet must also be adequate intake of food containing estrogen ingredients such as: green peppers, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and beans and nuts, etc., and to drink milk "especially papaya milk", but it is best to avoid cola, coffee.

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