The factors that need to be considered in the location of the curtain shop

curtain shop location is more critical, which is a problem that needs to focus on thinking. If you do not understand the location of the problem, you can focus on the relevant information through the study area to get faster growth. Small finishing suggestions, hoping to provide a reference for you, so you can easily gain good profit.

The floor height of

1, more than 3m, such as ground to condole cabinet products or high cabinet normal height is about 2300mm, part of individual products or even higher, such as the lower floors are difficult to demonstrate the effect of the cabinet.

2, open the door, open the door to let consumers know 0 different brands, and brand stores the main price tag. For building materials such as cabinet brand, brand exposure should be higher, to remind consumers remember the brand, to avoid consumers every time before entering the shop, even the head word are blurred vision, even if the letter of introduction order consumer customers, new customers can not find the store will take the opportunity to leave the competition.

3, attractive window display good curtain with a "magnet power", more than 60% of consumers can be the window of the store products, promotions or brand information to attract into the shop. Seeing is believing, when consumers get information on the window when the point of appeal, it is easier to arouse his desire to enter the store.

4, the parking place, there is no doubt that consumers with high-quality cabinet shop transaction is the pursuit of the goal, the quality of consumers can bring more profits to the store, most of them in cars, so the store should have a fixed parking spaces, so that consumers in the purchase of driving more convenient, easy to car near the stop. Increase the consumer into the store after the successful parking opportunity.

curtains franchise business prospects are very good, there are many franchisees are eager to join. If you want to get more chances of winning, you need to pay special attention in the stage of site. Write some suggestions, hope can help you easily find a suitable location, hurry up.

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