How Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet

barbecue only a roadside snack in the impression of people, or is a necessary special snack in the street snacks, there are very few who are able to "barbecue" and tall three sub hang up. But Xiao Bian want to tell you is that there is such a barbecue shop

continues to develop a variety of barbecue delicious, is committed to creating a taste of the restaurant. Great strides into the high grade dining, to attract those who are innovative, the pursuit of success, leading the trend of people to experience the real classic barbecue delicious. At present, the country has opened many stores, it is Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet. Langfang Tiemuzhen barbecue buffet what


Tiemuzhen Guangyang district is located in Langfang City North shop operating supermarket, barbecue buffet, elegant environment, distance is only 10 minutes away from downtown, convenient transportation. Elegant hotel environment, the production of fine dishes to launch a number of delicious delicacies, is definitely a good place to relax!

Langfang Tiemuzhen environment and buffet dishes type has been very good, even my friends say Beijing several can not have such barbecue buffet, there are large, dishes very much, whether it is their own baked or grilled master ready-made, dessert and sushi is very delicate, and spring roll Roasted Duck, drinks and the wine is also very rich.

is Tiemuzhen can barbecue buffet, a lot of things, food taste exquisite, environmental health service staff, good service, can roast to rinse the environment is also very good dishes, there are many types.

Langfang Tiemuzhen self-service location to find, have direct access to the elevator four floors, it is convenient. Meat and seafood are very fresh in general. The side barbecue Shabu, love eating this way. Lamb slices more tender, very good!

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