24 women, must beware of breast cancer health crisis

4 will be a pillow in the back and lie down, put your left hand on your right hand to touch the head, left breast, according to the circular way step by step, to include the axilla and breast, done for the other side check to see if there is any axillary lymph nodes. If there is found breast pigmentation, depression or prominent, axillary lymph node enlargement and other symptoms, for signs of cancer, should go to the hospital to do a comprehensive and systematic examination to confirm the diagnosis of the tumor is benign or malignant.

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is followed by a more open attitude towards sex among young women, leading to abuse of contraceptives;

2 in the mirror, raised his right hand behind the head, observe the right breast color, shape and nipple discharge, and whether there is not the same. Then change the left hand, observe the left breast.

3 bath, wet body, wipe the lotion, and placed his hand in the back, with the right middle three fingers to the nipple as the center, slowly from the inside out moves clockwise, and feel no lumps or particles, finally squeeze the nipple to see whether the secretion.

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in fact, from the age of 24, women should develop a habit of regular self-examination of the breast. From the age of 30 at least half a year to make a breast examination, if found hyperplasia of mammary glands, should be checked three months. Han said the best way is to carry out breast self-examination after each menstrual period, specific methods are as follows:

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1 in the coming seventh days menstrual view, arms on both sides of the body, observe the differences of breasts. The outline of the breast contour is complete. Whether the skin is smooth and symmetrical, with or without concave convex change, whether or not the color is abnormal; finally, whether or not the nipple is protruded outwards, and whether the bilateral breasts are symmetrically in the same horizontal line.

in addition, the diet is also a factor that can not be ignored, many studies have shown that hormone related cancers such as breast cancer, are associated with a large number of intake of animal fat and protein, so in the daily diet, should eat less animal fat and protein, including milk, butter, meat, intake restriction daily fat in total daily calories 15%-30% level.


third is used to achieve the rejuvenation effect of adding estrogen beauty; and young women in order to maintain the body rather than the birth or after birth than breastfeeding also increases the incidence of breast cancer;

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