Novice shop needs to learn what skills

now has a lot of new entrepreneurs to start a shop, they do not have business experience, which is a very obvious disadvantage, then the novice investors need to pay attention to the choice of the right way to do a good job of management. If you want to learn more skills, learn quickly.

in addition to people where to go, you also need to consider the self-employed people spend long it will take to get to your store. The more expensive products, the customer is not willing to spend the time, such as convenience stores in 3 minutes to define the main business district, the coffee shop is about 5 minutes, unless you intend to sell this car high priced goods, otherwise the general customers far can only endure 7 minute traffic time.

in addition, if you encounter some like video rental stores, or dry cleaners such as high-quality neighbors that better, because these stores have a "two visit" opportunity, people send out the laundry, every few days will come back; this is also good for the post office, supermarket crowd back if the dart, stick to their light, that your business is definitely a big plus.

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