Sports shoes ten brands list

although the footwear market has a lot of brands, but if it is from the comfort of sports shoes, is undoubtedly the most comfortable, which has been in the footwear market we have a very large, very much brand was born. So what are the top ten brands of sports shoes? Let Xiaobian to reveal it to you.

sports shoes are designed according to the characteristics of people’s participation in sports and tourism. Sports shoe soles and ordinary rubber overshoes leather shoes, different, generally is soft and elastic. Can play a buffer role. Exercise can enhance the flexibility, and some can prevent ankle injury. Therefore, in sports, most of them to wear sports shoes, such as: basketball, running, etc.. Following along with the small series to see the top ten sports shoes brand list.

sports shoes ten brand list NO.1.Nike (Nike began in 1972 in the United States, the world famous sports brand, the world’s first air cushion technology, known to small hook brand image of Nike business (China) Limited)

sports shoes ten big brand ranking NO.2.Adidas Adidas (Germany on 1949, the world’s top sports equipment manufacturers, with three parallel lines as the brand logo, clover series is the classic products, Adidas sports (China) Limited)

sports shoes ten big brand ranking NO.3. Anta ANATA (started in 1994, making the sporting goods industry standard flagship sports leisure clothing / shoes and accessories of the comprehensive sports Brand Company, Anta (Chinese) Limited)

sports shoes ten big brand ranking NO.4. Lining Lining (gymnastics Prince Lining in 1990 founded the sports brand, the international well-known sports brand, large outdoor sports equipment provider, Lining (Chinese) Sports Goods Co., Ltd.)

sports shoes ten big brand ranking NO.5. XTEP XTEP (founded in 1987, the new model, the first idol artist endorsement sports sports fashion schools, early development of sports shoes full colorera sports brand, XTEP (Chinese) Limited)

sports shoes brand ranking ten NO.6. (361 degrees national sporting goods industry leading brand, brand / research / design / production / sales of integrated sports goods enterprises, 361 degrees (China) Limited)

sports shoes ten big brand ranking NO.7. PEAK PEAK (China basketball equipment brand, focus on sports professional equipment design and development of export-oriented enterprises, listed companies, Fujian Quanzhou PEAK sports products limited.

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