Zhengzhou 3000 people participated in the third Henan mobile nternet Conference

entrepreneurial boom, the Internet is actually ushered in the field of a cold winter, many Internet Co have been closed down for various reasons this year. How to carry out the transformation of the enterprise in this winter, many Internet companies are thinking about the problem.

will "start big coffee were a share, let participants witnessed a new development path out of agriculture, food and other traditional industries and the Internet combined with the.

Dahe China New Media Alliance Secretary General Han Yangeng believes that in the new media highly developed today, dedicated to provide users with better services, is the key to take the transformation of the way of traditional media. He said the industry vertical field of Internet business support and incubation, will become an important development direction of Dahe China New Media Alliance next, an industry of Internet business projects, is expected to also will soon meet with you.

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