Breastfeeding can prevent breast cancer, alcoholism and Western life increases the risk of wom


report, the report shows the "British Journal of cancer", Asian and black women tend to have more children, and more likely to breastfeed, and breastfeeding is an effective means for the prevention of breast cancer as everyone knows.

About 83% of black women and about 85% of Asian women will choose breastfeeding, compared with about 2/3 of white women who are breastfeeding.

about 3/4 of Asian women do not drink, and not drinking black women 38%, compared to white women are more interested in alcohol, only about 23% of white women will refuse to drink.

They found that southern Asian women were 18% less likely to develop breast cancer than white women, and black women had a lower risk of developing breast cancer than those of white women.


in addition, 1/3 of white women will receive hormone therapy in menopause, and hormone therapy may increase the risk of breast cancer, only 20% of Asian women and 29% of black women will hormone therapy.

the authors, Dr. Toral Gathani of the University of Oxford, said: "this study is mainly to investigate postmenopausal women, Asian and black women’s risk of developing breast cancer is low, to a large extent is decided by the different ways of life and reproductive mode."

he said that the purpose of the study, is that the risk factors for breast cancer in women by understanding, such as obesity, excessive drinking, can effectively reduce the risk of cancer.

research report also pointed out that if it continues to westernized Asian female and black women’s way of life, but also will enhance their risk of breast cancer may.

the risk of breast cancer was found to be racially similar when the researchers excluded individual lifestyle factors. However, the acquisition of black and Asian women study, born in Britain’s first generation immigrants, the researchers warned that as new immigrants if they, change the way of life, become more westernized, their risk of breast cancer will increase.

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Breast cancer is the most common disease among white women, according to a study in the

University of Oxford and the national medical service system (NHS) of the United Kingdom, more than 1 million years of age 50-64 British women’s lifestyle, medical and social factors were investigated.

, the daily mail reported. The researchers found that white women had a higher risk of breast cancer than blacks and Asians, because most of them were less likely to breastfeed and were more likely to be addicted to alcohol.

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