The construction of the new countryside contains unlimited money

much attention is being carried out in the new batch of agricultural construction is hot, many entrepreneurs have discovered the trillion business opportunities, have to follow up the new rural construction, and strive to find their own entrepreneurial projects.

character sketch

"farmer" Nan Cunhui the edge of

43 year old Wenzhou Nan Cunhui’s life trajectory can be clearly divided into the first 20 years and the last 20 years. 20 years ago, he was a shoemaker in Yueqing town of Liushi street, with fellow partnership to do with the 50 thousand yuan switch factory.

later he put this "family workshop" into the CHINT group. 20 years later, the country’s largest producer of low-voltage electrical appliances in 2004 the output value of more than 10 billion. Nan Cunhui himself, the head of the accumulation of the National People’s Congress, the National Federation Executive Committee, the national ten outstanding young person of the year, CCTV2002 economic and other dozens of titles. However, sitting opposite the reporter Nan Cunhui, first stressed that he is a farmer".

in one hour interview, Nan Cunhui rarely mention CHINT’s own development, such as talking about "when CHINT listed", as well as the cooperation with CHINT Delixi and general electric competition and other topics, he is also an understatement, the words take over. However, when it comes to the rural market opportunity assurance, Nan Cunhui shows the merchant’s edge, seize the opportune moment to sell his high and low voltage electrical products……

– motion essence


lag of Rural Urbanization

"Keywords": two management system

"Keywords": revitalize rural idle assets

together to achieve a win-win development. Recommended in the rural areas

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