Hangzhou rural land contracting right to do work.

is a rural land contracting right to do for the people service policy, to draw people’s attention to the advantages of the product. At the end of last year, the province’s 23482 administrative villages have been contracted land is indeed the right to work, to be accounted for 98% of the total village ownership; complete the contracted land surveying 6 million 438 thousand households, accounting for 80% of the rural household contract management.

this year is the last year of Zhejiang land ownership registration certification work task for 3 years, is also the decisive victory of the year. According to the requirements of the central authorities, by the end of this year, Zhejiang will basically complete the contracted management right of rural land ownership registration certification work. Specifically, 12 of land ownership in Zhejiang province in June before the full completion of the registration contract, special supervision and inspection, surveying and mapping database submission, warrant renewal, filing work of certification work pilot counties, and through a comprehensive inspection; other counties (cities and districts) to complete the actual contract before the end of the land contract rate of 90%, rural land contracted certificate issued by the rate of more than 80% in the basic acceptance conditions, and strive to basically complete the comprehensive inspection.

around these objectives, the country should be inverted, set up accounts, time to implement the tasks and responsibilities of people. The province will continue to implement the monthly report and notification system, the country should gradually establish a notification system, ratio of strength, drying schedule, to form a good atmosphere than learning to catch up, chuangxianzhengyou. Provincial Department of agriculture, said the person in charge, all over the progress of the progress, can not relax the quality management, to strictly enforce the inspection. Establish and improve the ownership data and registration information error correction mechanism, carefully check the implementation of the key links such as farmers signed.

only certified the implementation of land contracted land ownership, will make people feel the government’s policy. Relevant departments of Hangzhou, said: to create conditions, the introduction of third party social organizations or experts to supervise, through various forms to strengthen quality supervision. There are many problems of Surveying and mapping work units, the implementation of interviews and notification system, and urge its rectification.

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