Elevator contains a wealth of business opportunities

business is the most important immediately spotted opportunities, seize the opportunity, will lead others, natural wealth will be. In fact, we all know that entrepreneurial opportunities are all in the same place, you can not do it, there is no courage, a small business opportunities can also be your entrepreneurial wealth. Here to share an elevator wealth business opportunities.

One day

2010 in March, Ma Pengyuan took the bus to the road in the city, get off before heard "XXX refrigerator to remind you to WITHUB time". This is the voice of the Linyi public transport station advertising, with the discovery of new things and the sensitivity of the media, he put this form of advertising in mind.

prototype in 5 days after the remittance sent, under a test also as they like, can do lift stop advertising. But how to install it? They made a difficult, so they and the supplier, allowing them to engineer to install the equipment (all expenses, room and board are borne by them). And they want to bring the other side to bring about ten or so advertising machine. 10 days later, the past 20 days, the supplier’s engineers did not come. They call to every two or three days, they finally in the violent attack. The installation of the supplier’s company arrived by train, and they drove to Zaozhuang to receive the mysterious "engineer" in Linyi and to arrange for the "engineer" to stay at the hotel.

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