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researchers said that the results of the study of breast cancer researchers are very useful, but the women themselves do not have practical significance, because the size of the breast is not the women themselves can decide. The researchers also said that although their results showed that more women suffering from breast cancer risk is higher, but this does not prove that the breast small female can sleep without any anxiety. All women should be tested for breast cancer, not just women with large breasts.

American scientists have recently completed a study of breast size and breast cancer risk. The results of the study showed that women with large breasts have a higher risk of breast cancer than women with small breasts.

study showed that women with large breasts had a 80% higher risk of breast cancer compared with women with small breasts. The researchers explained that the reason for this result is very simple, the larger the breast, the more breast cells. The greater the number of cells, the greater the risk of potential cell variants or malignant development.

in this study, the subjects were 89268 women aged between 29 and 47. The size of these subjects was measured at the age of 20. The researchers followed them for a long time to find out the relationship between breast size and breast cancer.


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