Different promotions can surprise customers

if you just said "promotion", a lot of people is a flattering look, after all, is a common means of promotion the numerous shop operators. In short, the promotion of goods, retail businesses are customary sales measures. But let the customer feel the most, is also the most tired is some discount sales, "discounted" and "bloodletting" and other business tactics can be said to let consumers fatigued.

if you are careful, maybe these gimmick or last year there, paper and word change color, the floor is not jump, blood is not put, the stars or the stars, the moon or the moon. So, the business promotion, you don’t follow the footsteps, to let customers feel good new in order to be different, eyes bright, in order to play a real promotion effect.

I believe that in terms of product promotion, market research in advance, the next effort is essential. Perhaps, some small and medium retail customers of this practice this procedure is not to regard it as right, but can not be avoided, even if it is you find a few neighbors to help you with the chief of the general staff, also better than your own behind closed doors much, because they are consumers after all, was a great concern for their own interests. At the same time, promotion must not to attempt an ineffective solution, finally hit the nail on the head, no effect that is a waste of resources, and although the use of more sharply promotional resources, but the final effect is obvious.

this year before the Mid Autumn Festival, I interviewed in Lianshui County high commercial street, to see such a business engaged in the promotion, the promotion of novel, there are many passers-by to look wonderful, it also aroused my curiosity, with the flow of people into the store. Originally, this store is engaged in prize guessing activities in the store on the ceiling, where there are two hundred or three hundred hanging lanterns, these lanterns not only fans, but also to guess the name of commodity reward.

because these items are some daily necessities, but also very interesting, to attract a lot of customers to participate in, some people still live without a mobile phone to ask some "guessing master", at that time, although this is a lot of stores customer away gifts, but I found that people who buy the goods or many people guess, this novel means of promotion, not only brought the interaction between businesses and customers, the more increased the popularity of the store, but the biggest harvest or by the customer’s word of mouth, enhance the visibility and reputation of the store.

in the promotion process, also want to retain customers by surprise, especially some "repeat", a very simple example, if three of Li Si said, this thing I do not have to use, you just need to take it. And when Lee four really want, but you can’t give up, then you said he would be happy? But if Zhang San and Li Si say they want to give him something, or even if they want to give it a little, it’s true

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