Entrepreneurs create jobs, employment multiplier effect

entrepreneurs, the more jobs, the more entrepreneurial enterprises, the faster the social and economic development, which is why the policy has been to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. In Anhui innovation boom is coming, there are entrepreneurial needs people have to take advantage of the present.

contiguous compartment filled with staff, quietly filled the hall…… April 6th afternoon, the reporter walked into the city of Hefei is located in the one world of Information Consulting Co. ltd..   "there are more than 300 employees, mainly engaged in the work of incoming and outgoing calls. We belong to the typical labor-intensive enterprises, the company has a total of 5 base in the country, currently seats to 5000, to solve the employment problem of more than 6 thousand people, only Hefei headquarters has 1500 seats, 2000 jobs.   "

Deputy general manager of

1992 was born in the year of Li Cui’s "employees all over the world", the entry for less than two years, she has been promoted to the teacher training from customer representative. "Half of the incoming, although sometimes can get five thousand or six thousand yuan monthly income, but do not want to do a good customer service, the company has perfect job transfer, promotion mechanism. Now, I passed the relevant assessment of the company, the current work is to do the new staff training, a monthly salary of three thousand or four thousand yuan, stable work, the pressure is not large, I am very satisfied.   "Li Cui said.

the same smooth employment and satisfactory work there. Last year just graduated from university students plateau, is now a sales Wo Fu Minsheng science and Technology Co. Ltd., 3000 yuan monthly basic salary plus commission income, let him feel very satisfied. Usual income of at least four thousand or five thousand yuan last month, a good performance, I took a $9000. Henan home there are some students envy me, but also want to come to work."

"Bermuda preferred" as a two-year old high-end agricultural products business platform, is to achieve leapfrog development.  , founded in 2014, the company’s annual sales of only about 1000000 yuan, in 2015 sales of more than doubled to nearly $5 million.   "and the development of the company’s staff from 4 in the early days, to today’s 15 people, this year recommended

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