A good name is based on the local customs

is a name of the same, are welcome in different places will have great differences, so, if you want to shop at the local open success, nature also requires a combination of local customs to the shop name, so that it can ensure the store can take on a more appropriate name.

get a good name for Geely, can by name to make money. If a strange name, bad luck, may to some extent is "blockbuster", but often lead to store mismanagement, what makes the shops facing bankruptcy.

name is Choi is not prosperous, if the shop master in the consumer’s point of view to consider the issue, then it will not appear so much own name.

if you go to a restaurant called "Tai Ping Zhuang" to eat, you can eat it? Perhaps more precisely, you wouldn’t want to eat. Because the first impression of the name is unlucky. Mr. Liu opened a restaurant in Xiamen in the early years, he admitted his warm and thoughtful service, and it is important that their business is to provide consumers with affordable food. But a few months, Mr. Liu’s restaurant has been desolate, almost no what customers are willing to the consumer: the Liu Fannan, their store relative to other restaurants is not bad, but there are some advantages, but why doing so badly.

is not a native of Mr. Liu did not know some local custom, the morgue is used to store the local bodies, so naturally no one is willing to eat in a restaurant. The word "peace", regardless of where the food is good or bad.

Liu then understood, it is his own name to blame, so he immediately put his own shop renamed "Qinhuai river". This name is in line with the aesthetic taste of the south, Mr. Liu’s business then began to rise up.

due to the customs of different name, Geely and not standard is not the same. The customer is God’s, how to meet the needs of the consumers, it is particularly important to do as the Romans do. If we put some behoove things too simple, so we often make some funny joke. May often be because these unnecessary mistakes and lost their better dream shop.

business revelation: a good name to local

1, take the name to know how to do. A good name is sure to have some basic social masses, don’t think you can easily cope with the words. "Which song to sing on the mountain", to know the name of a happy, rather than a bad name. Rome is successful shop must follow the law. >

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