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regular manual testing is necessary, at least once a year in January to familiarize themselves with the breast, to the doctor.

30 years old, breast problems are benign (not cancerous). But young women generally have breast cystic changes, characterized by breast pain, cysts, and non cancerous masses. Dr. Leon, assistant professor of clinical medicine at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, said: "breast pain may be cyclical, and it can be accompanied by periods of menstruation, or persistent pain."".

40-49 years old

reduces the incidence of breast cancer

during the age of 40, most women’s breast shape will change. "As you get older, the rate of change will be faster, but after menopause, the breasts will become more plump and glandular fibers will be reduced, resulting in more sagging," Donny said". At this age, cysts are the most common

if it is in menopause, the best time to test is 5 to 10 days after the start of the menstrual period, this time the lowest hormonal effect, the test results are the most accurate.

girls often feel a pain in the breast area, when the light weight, sometimes no, people can not understand, there are a lot of people on the back of the ideological burden, fear of suffering from breast cancer"…… How to reduce breast pain? Elizabeth, assistant professor at the University of Oregon Health Sciences and director of the Oregon Cancer Society’s breast health education program, advises women to stay away from caffeine". If you are in pain, can be cured by surgical removal of breast fibroadenoma.

30 years old -39 years old

during childbirth, breast-feeding can prevent breast cancer. Experts believe that breast-feeding does not cause breast tissue atrophy. In contrast, the expansion of the breast during lactation can stretch the skin of the breast. And when the breast is contracted, loose skin can make the breasts look more sagging than before.

breast cancer is not a common disease. The National Cancer Institute says that the incidence of breast cancer is only 39 between the ages of 30 and 1/229. Without a family history, women aged 30 to 39 do not need mammograms. In fact, it is difficult to detect breast cancer in young women with mammography. Women in this age group should be able to reflect the long-term breast changes or pain to the doctor. Breast pain in young women is benign, but breast cancer can also occur in young women.

worried about sagging breasts?

another reason is the fiber bundle in the breast, also called breast suspensory ligament of the tension caused by breast ptosis. Because no breast muscle, so to prevent breast sagging, but some doctors recommend that women wear stretch athletic bra when jogging to prevent ligament.

, in fact, a study of the American Society of plastic surgery in 2007 shows that the cause of breast ptosis and brassiere for use during pregnancy is too large, the number of pregnancy more, smoking and age.

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