Entrepreneurial guidance clothing name Daquan

many of my friends do not know how to give yourself the clothing store name, today, Xiaobian bring clothing shop daquan. How to name the clothing store? You should first look at the business men or women’s, men’s word shop name can be very masculine, some men, it is best if it is women’s non mainstream statement, so attractive.

sayingIt is

After joining the WTO


use method to boast a name, the main advantages of the company is practical reputation, product quality is reflected in the name of the company, to increase the confidence of their own, to put pressure on the opponent, to the public to trust. Shanghai Jincheng Technology Agency, is in the competition as an impregnable city, unassailable, Shanghai Lean glasses company, meaning that company from various aspects can achieve excellence.

clothing store name logo – named

sign naming method is mainly based on physical signs, to highlight the salient features of Companies in the world now has developed into CIS (Corporate Identity System) is a part of the famous black monkey hat shop is a wooden door made of black monkey, to show the historical traditions, to different from other hattery.

brand naming, generally refers to companies to create brand-name products, with their own brand name as the name of the company, such as the Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Company is in the "phoenix" to take the name of the enterprise.

to pay attention to what?

to own clothing store from a good easy to remember the name, is a troublesome thing. But it can bring unlimited traffic. We need to avoid the following points.


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