Open 24 hours convenience store to make money

for any one entrepreneur, since embarked on such a path, is naturally hoping to achieve the goal of making money. However, if you want to get rich, but also need to choose a suitable business opportunities. So, open 24 hours convenience store to make money?

convenience store originated in the United States, flourished in japan. For Chinese, it is a kind of new business format, Chinese is the world commodity Kingdom, Chinese commercial street, alley mouth Ding et al prosperity everywhere distribution of "convenience soil". Convenience stores due to the small size, small initial investment, low barriers to entry, operability and other characteristics, to China’s small and medium capital great imagination.

in Beijing, a city of 10 million people, Beijing needs at least 2500, according to statistics, Beijing various convenience stores although the number exceeded 1000, but the number really provide 24 hour service convenience store is very limited, less than 100. All this shows that the Chinese convenience stores to join the market potential is enormous, as long as the headquarters of the chain little Dianbo, borrow off wing will point the day and await for it.

711 Japanese food average gross margin reached 47%, 711 of Taiwan’s average gross margin reached 30%, the average gross margin of 711 is more than 40%, according to industry sources, in our country, even if the deduction of various factors, the convenience store gross margin at around 25%, in department stores, supermarkets and other retail retail gross profit substantially reduced circumstances, investment convenience store appeal is self-evident.

of course, the reason for the excitement of the retail giant is not just that. In department stores, supermarkets, stores and other conventional forms under the condition of weak growth momentum, giant to grow up, we must find new profit source, so, in the retail industry, real estate industry development, the phenomenon such as marriage would occur, but considered as conservative strategy, more giant chose related diversification.

and convenience store survival niche, due to the establishment of the supermarket on the basis of the main target customer segments, based on the development of its considerable potential. Although Chinese 24 hours convenience store market has not yet formed, but the market is still in the immature stage, the increasing speed is really amazing, if this period should not be imported, to seize the strategic high ground, after entering will face high barriers to entry, the strategy will also be heteronomy.

24 hours of operation convenience store operators although electricity, wages and other costs to follow, but its profit is much higher than the normal operating convenience stores. As a business in the general area of 50~150 square meters of the convenience store as an example, if the business operating 16 hours a day, 2000 kinds of varieties, staff wages 4200 yuan a month, the monthly electricity needs 1200 yuan, the daily sales of 3000 yuan, according to 20% of the gross margin recommended

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