Make friends with customers

how can we better get along with the customer, the customer’s business, which is every investor is constantly thinking about the problem. "Everyone has feelings and thinking of the animal, in normal operation, in words and deeds, goods and services to customers in a little human touch, take the customer as your friend to treat, I think you will have unexpected harvest." That’s what Yang Xuemei thinks.

in the majority of peers in speech now retail business is bad, but Yang Xuemei by just a few years time to open two stores, but the business bigger and bigger, better and better. In addition to a unique vision and her service concept is also very open.

and customers become friends

"do you listen to the accent or are you from Jianyang?" "Yeah, I’m from Jianyang." "So clever, I am also in Jianyang, but also the Sancha Lake Tourism Scenic spot……" "Really, ah, you are Renshou, I am in Jianyang, we are half a fellow……" Yang Xuemei is good at listening to the dialect of the customer to determine where the customer is, and then began to set near".

from the home of the special snack talk to the recent changes in the home, from well-known figures, home to the home of the local customs and practices. Although Chengdu is not far away from home, but in this metropolis encounters a home is also a people very happy, especially human strong rural people, will have a special affection for fellow feeling.

The results of

, the villagers in the store pick up imperceptibly, a lot of goods, checkout, the fraction of villagers think little of it, will inevitably make the villagers have a little touched. Nature has become a frequent visitor to the store, of course, the villagers will pull a lot of fellow villagers or half to take care of your business. Yang Xuemei used this way to recognize the villagers a lot of customers, the most important thing is that she treats every customer as a friend.

"to tell the truth, this toy is not suitable for children under the age of 3 to play, because it is the children of that age has some security risks, such as children grow up to buy this, you can choose this, this product is safe and will not cause any harm to the child, now the child is a family treasure in case of accidents, safety, we are not willing to see." Face a such a matter of conscience for their own sake boss, I think, not a customer would not be moved.

put ourselves for the sake of customers, the customer did not expect us to think of him, the customer think we do better for him to stand in the customer perspective, to provide customers with the best service." This is what Yang Xuemei often said to the shop assistant.

make your sales full of human touch


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