What are the operating franchise restaurant

food stores have attracted much attention in the market, many businesses in the shop after all don’t know how to manage, in fact, there are a lot of management skills, today Xiaobian to introduce some "borrow" skills, I hope useful to you.

1, relying on business center

shopping mall business ecology is showing a trend: department stores to make way for food. Some large shopping malls, no longer as catering formats "supplements" or "scrap", but will be dining in shopping malls in the proportion increased, the restaurant location carefully layout.

industry insiders have said that in the past, the commercial real estate planning, the ratio of food and beverage rarely exceeded 20% of the time. Over the past two years, the proportion of the catering industry began to rise, gradually reaching about 30% or 40%.". The power of the district’s economy is increasingly apparent, can rely on district economy drainage, to enhance brand awareness impressed.

however, the shopping center catering brand is the touchstone, if the performance is still no improvement, one is to think about the values of the power of two is required to reflect on their selection and operation method.

2, to explore the community economy

in the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities, densely populated city, the scale is too large this kind of urban diseases, let the community economy has become a new trend of economic development is difficult to avoid the "urban diseases" are to the catering industry growth brings new opportunities.

One of the important components of community economy is the format of

community dining room, which has the characteristics of catering service. Renowned real estate business Vanke Group has been keenly aware of the economic advantages of the community, has been in Hangzhou and other places to pilot the community canteen brands, such as the fifth canteen, four seasons canteen, etc..

individual catering entrepreneurs can also look at the community economy, with the new concept of operation and maintenance to improve community culture, benefit from the community economy.

3, the use of O2O concept

O2O for the food and beverage industry, will no longer be parallel to a traditional food and beverage category, but a variety of food and beverage in the form of a tool. In the "Internet plus" era, the early catering business to O2O concept deeply rooted in the operation management, open online and offline channels, mutual drainage.

this get through is not simply playing the concept of speculation brand, but can contribute to the real estate business entrepreneurs to enhance brand coverage, expand customer base, increase store.

4, seize the campus economy