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the shape of the whole breast

1 parts of the breast beauty

breast location in second ~ sixth between the ribs (according to the breast position were divided, refers to the breast in the fifth rib above, as they described as "a sub Yan Mei", slightly higher than the standard position make people feel breast has vigor, spirit and vitality, also let nature people feel too provocative, "Yan Mei"; and in the fifth rib of breast and breast high person, give people the feeling on the contrary, whether it is full or not, because it always has a low sense, feel depressed, so to see in the odd plot "low specific". In the community) parasternal line, outside the anterior axillary line. Long in the position of the breast and make people feel just perfect, dignified and elegant, gentle; aesthetic Chinese traditional attention in just the beauty of this growth position is extremely consistent with the aesthetic view Chinese of this is a middle course; all the students, "location is also very clever".

a woman of medium build, breast base diameter of 10 ~ 12 cm, breast height of 5 ~ 6 cm, is the most beautiful breasts. The areola diameter is about 4 ~ 5 cm, well-developed female breast, nipple, surface slightly mulberry appearance; nipple position plays an important role in the United States: Ontario in breast nipple midclavicular line fifth rib to fifth intercostal areas; the nipple and wonderful golden ratio: 0.618 are closely linked, nipple the line is double groin to the clavicle midpoint plane of the golden line, the nipple in this golden line position of the breast is undoubtedly the most perfect; the nipple is cylindrical and slightly protruding from the surface of the breast, nipple two turned out to a distance of about 20 ~ 40 cm, the nipple to the centerline of the sternum distance is 10 ~ 13 cm, 20 cm away from the sternal notch to 40, from 5 to 7.5 cm under the breast folds. With the growth of people’s height, each part of the required data index should be followed by a corresponding increase, but the proportion is not the same. The nutrition structure and physical quality of westerners and Chinese, Western women’s breasts than women Chinese plump, China women must not blindly follow, without considering their own characteristics; Chinese women should have Chinese traditional implicit beauty, to full fitness, breast, flexible, suitable for beauty.

breast beauty is an important symbol of female beauty. Beautiful appearance, ups and downs of the breast is one of the most important part of the female chest curve beauty, plump and healthy breasts is a sign of mature women, is the representation of female charm. What kind of breast is the ideal breast? For female breast is well developed, we should consider the following factors: size and shape;;; position; the distance between the two breasts; the size of the nipple and areola area, as well as their color. China’s aesthetic and beauty experts believe that China’s young women’s breast beauty standards include the beauty of the breast parts, the shape of the United States two aspects of the breast.

2 breast shape beauty

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