How to open a shop at the Dragon

Take this as a snack food

community has the fire is not snack project can meet consumer demand for Hot pot taste pleasure, and can meet the basic needs of consumers for food to eat, if you own a small restaurant to take some is a good choice. But the food and beverage industry, there are so many food and beverage items, what is better? Editorial recommendation to the dragon you take food.

dragon take food was founded in 2008, the existing 5 entity model shop. The dragon take food has been followed in healthy living ideas, the healthy diet of consumers in the first place, and lifelong stressed: never use disposable drainage oil, to oil; never use any additives; abandon the traditional single pot pot mixed with boiled boiled single. Take the Dragon dish with the most sincere service to treat every customer. The dragon take food to take food and innovation in the traditional form, change the people’s understanding to take food, won the unanimous recognition of consumers.

open a shop at the dragon?

has since created the dragon to take food, follow the food in healthy living ideas, traditional Chinese medicine ingredients with a new concept of consumption, consumers will be forever in the first place. The dragon take food store decoration style is elegant, fashionable and beautiful, has gradually formed its own business philosophy: integrity, quality, ethics and responsibility. We are committed to the use of fresh vegetables, superior ingredients, carefully deployed, so that customers eat at ease, eat at ease.

dragon take food join advantage:

, at the end of a vast soup, special ingredients, can take for spicy flavor, can also take three flavor

skilled use of dressing technology making bottom soup, soup will take food to do more perfect, more pure taste.

two, in the vast flavor, pure taste, lead a person to endless aftertastes

traditional formula and modern standard production process, the secret sauce and seasoning powder, to take food not only retains the taste of the essence, but also take into account the different needs of various groups of taste.

three, in the absence of professional skills, you can operate

At the end of the Dragon

soup to take food, salad sauce, seasoning powder provided by the company headquarters. Standard operation makes the dishes more simple, housewives can do. You can start doing their own work, faster business!

four, absolutely no seasonal, no geographical differences, all year round can do

delicious dishes, low price, and can take all things.

five, in unity >

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