Do you know the sports energy drinks market

What do you know about the new discovery of the

beverage market? Sports energy drink. With the rise of China’s sports, all kinds of sports related industry marketing performance has been greatly improved, many of them sports energy drinks. Sports energy drinks sales growth in China has been ranked first in the world.

market research consulting firm Mintel recently released "2016 annual review of sports and energy drinks" shows that the global energy drinks market in 2015 strong growth of 10%, reached 8 billion 800 million liters, sales of the top five countries are the United States, Britain, Thailand and Vietnam, Chinese. Among them, China’s energy drinks in 2015, the fastest growth in sales, the annual growth rate of 25%, almost the United States market, the times of up to four.

in addition to rising sales, global energy drinks product innovation is also a boom. Since 2008, more in 2015 the global new energy drinks than in any previous year, Germany is a leader in the new world, the highest proportion (9%), for the first time more than the United States (8%).

strictly speaking, energy drinks do not have a clear and unified definition. In general understanding, equivalent to the energy drink functional beverages, including nutritional beverage, sports drinks and other health drinks, the main role of anti fatigue and energy; in a narrow sense, pulsation, activation, screaming as the representative is called nutritional beverage, called sports drinks with Gatorade, Jin ran and as the representative body dimensions, called energy drinks and only to Red Bull, Dongpeng special drink, ghostcrawler, as the representative of the health.

growth in the Chinese market, sports drinks and energy markets are benefiting from the growing interest in sports and fitness.

As part of a healthy lifestyle,

is becoming a trend in china. This from the people of the marathon in the rapid growth of enthusiasm can be understood. Data from the China Track and Field Association show that in 2015 the Chinese track and Field Association registered marathon and related sports events reached 134 games, the number of participants reached 1 million 500 thousand people, a record high. But it still can not meet the needs of runners, so that in the event to draw, held last November Shanghai marathon a total of about 100 thousand of the participants only 35000 "success" lucky.

"the government plans to create 850 billion of the economy by 2025, which is a great opportunity for sports drinks." Mintel said in a report, "sports drinks will have a large number of sponsor and enhance brand awareness among consumers the opportunity." From the beginning of last year, Huarun Yi Bao’s sports drink brand "magic vitamin" try sponsoring sporting events, including Shanghai, Wuxi, Hefei and other.

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