How to set up shop renovation of the province

has a shop, if you want to create a better consumer environment, to attract more consumers, naturally also need to work through the decoration. However, the decoration work how to do, in fact, and the cost also has a very big relationship. If we want to lower the cost of venture capital investment, the cost of renovation also needs to be more natural. But for countless entrepreneurs, shop decoration how the province is a problem. So, how to set up shop renovation of the province? Let Xiaobian to you.

way: Limited decoration

shop renovation costs are one-time investment, the cost can not be recovered. Renovation of a 100 square meters of shops, put into use can be used up to $1 million, 200 thousand yuan is enough, can also get a $20 thousand. For your decoration limit, but can have inspired the bursting of the state to save money. For example, to find a group of artists, brush out the infinite creative walls, the production of cheap and interesting decoration.

: two yard reconstruction of

shop entrepreneurship is not necessary to use all the new things, not only a waste of money, but also affect the customer’s perception. A vintage, but can show a kind of taste, such as is evidenced by every kind of theme restaurant.

shop shop renovation expenses list includes:

water charges: wall and floor grooving, drill holes in the wall, concealed drainage tube containing PPR and PVC, hot and cold water pipes and fittings with matching accessories; after installation of cement mortar repair; the installation of artificial common faucet, wash basin and the water containing water; pressure test and drainage test. (toilet, bathtub, shower room, shower faucet, shower, washbasin and other materials provided by the owners.


woodworking cost: 3*4 wooden keel or light steel frame, 9 per cent of gypsum board ceiling; kitchen and toilet Lvkou Ban ceiling light steel keel frame; the top surface of gypsum decorative line; containing wood keel, gypsum board, light steel keel, aluminum plate, gypsum line, supporting the use of various closing lines, involving decorative materials and auxiliary materials and quotation artificial fee.

electrical charges: the wall surface groove, drill holes in the wall, and pipe threading; electrical testing; PVC line pipe, BBV – R wire, plastic bottom box accessaries; artificial fee, distribution box, switch socket panel, and more than two chandelier lamp lighting installation surcharge.

if you are now set up shop, but also need to do a good job in the decoration of the shop, then, with a small series of the above introduction, and now you know from what aspects of the cost of it? The cost of venture capital, if you can control the development of the cause of the latter will naturally have a greater help.

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