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pathological breast pain – timely medical treatment

most of the mothers will appear in a week of breast pain phenomenon, mainly due to breast lymph retention, venous filling, breast interstitial edema and poor breast duct. This situation, such as milk flow, the pain can be alleviated. Can also be carried out on the breast massage, in order to prevent the accumulation of milk.

data show that more than half of women would appear in breast pain before menstruation, cramps will disappear. This is mainly because of the high level of estrogen in the body, causing breast hyperplasia, breast tissue edema. If it is not necessary to handle natural mild pain; if breast pain affect daily life, slightly moving pain, you can eat a little relief medication, and usually pay attention to light diet, avoid eating spicy food.

sexual life after breast pain

after abortion pain

postpartum milk pain

women after abortion due to decreased levels of hormones in the body, so that the development of a sudden cessation of growth of the breast, causing breast pain.

general adolescent breast pain occurs in 9-13 years old, when the growth rate is too fast, it will occur milk pain. But this phenomenon is not sick, after menarche will disappear.

breast cancer

when the female sexual life is not satisfied, breast congestion did not subside, there will be pain.

physical pain – without treatment of

(breast pain is not a disease, see this article will know!)

breast disease has always been a fear of female friends, but the disease does not

breast pain during pregnancy

mastitis caused by breast pain is often associated with breast induration, pain intensified contact. In addition, chills, high fever and other symptoms may occur. Such symptoms, should be timely medical treatment.

adolescent breast pain

breast cancer is the most common breast disease in women. Breast cancer will generally appear painless mass, but it does not rule out the presence of breast pain, its performance is generally mild pain or dull pain, and there is no law. Because of the symptoms of breast cancer are often overlooked, so experts recommend that women over the age of 40 should be carried out every year a breast examination in order to early detection of breast cancer.


pregnancy breast pain appeared in 40 days of pregnancy, placental villi, mainly because the secretion of estrogen, progesterone and prolactin, resulting in breast enlargement, breast tenderness, is a physiological phenomenon. At this time to wear loose clothes and bra, keep the mood, in order to ease the pain.

breast pain can be said to be a woman’s life must be experienced, normal breast pain will only cause little pain is not a disease, but if it is pathological breast pain, and not timely notice, it may delay the diagnosis, illness.

premenstrual pain

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