What are the difficulties faced by automobile service enterprises

do not look at the number of cars now seems to be increasing, so that the automotive service market is becoming more and more broad, investment in such business seems to be very profitable. However, the number of cars is on the rise, but the number of car service companies are also growing, which undoubtedly makes a lot of car service companies into the plight of the operation. So, what are the difficulties faced by the automotive service business?

Although the total number of

1. cars is on the rise, the number of single models is declining, the technical support and spare parts supply capacity is declining;

2. car market holdings on the rise, but because the modern automobile design ability and manufacturing technology and materials to improve the quality of maintenance, car not the same proportion on the rise; but the automobile maintenance enterprises has increased on a large scale;

Although the

3. maintenance market in the expansion, but in fact due to changes in the upgrading of the vehicle quickly, causing a sharp rise in car accessories, spare parts planning and logistics service enterprise management pressure, the waiting time of the maintenance work is lengthened, customer satisfaction decreased rapidly, high cost of enterprise operation;

4. automobile service enterprise management objectives vague, lack of management. Business managers, managers often feel headache problem is: the new generation of enterprise employees is not so easy to manage, the traditional management methods in the current enterprise employees lost their role;

5. customer service demand of the rapid increase, the demand for the service, the service quality, the service content of the increasingly high expectations, management mode and method of automobile service enterprise customer satisfaction were scarce, customer satisfaction low, customer loyalty is more and more small, serious loss of customers.

if you are also a business operator of the automotive industry, the introduction of the above Xiaobian you do not have a deep understanding? Is it difficult for the operation of the troubled? There are difficulties, but as long as we can find a solution, I believe it is able to make their own business to get better operation.

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