What do women consumers think about when they browse Taobao

believe that many entrepreneurs are aware of a truth, that is if you can conquer the female consumer’s heart is half success, Ma not only understand this point but also cater to the female consumer demand, he was successful.

2013, Taobao user research team, for female consumers online shopping needs for a qualitative and quantitative research. The study found that female consumers online shopping, there is often a shopping idea has no clear goal in the process of their goods, browse shopping sites, originally just browsing, but always rewarding". This situation in the proportion of female consumers shopping more than 5.

in the goods without a clear purpose, female consumers are just browsing, is not really what requirements?

Collocation: please tell me what


1. in what situation to go with


2. when you look at the match with information?

"provide collocation people themselves should have some experience, content displayed to recommend, text description should be easy to understand, people think he is right, you can also show to different collocation works, so more convincing."

Two: collocation effect show the real demand, help female consumers to make accurate judgments. < / recommendation

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