Maternal and child supplies store business varieties

is now the whole community maternal industry and market can be said to be people with a relatively large market opportunities, at the same time, there are a lot of entrepreneurs are likely to also don’t know very much about the operation of a maternal stores what are the specific scope of business.

food including milk powder, supplementary food, health food, is one of the key products, but the baby store can not, because the local food supermarkets have, and the price is very advantageous, another reason is that food is accounted for for those funds, investment is not large customers, more attention should be paid on this piece of food.

: line of products include: cart, tricycle and bicycle, electric cars, and car seat, car seat, car safety awning, although these products accounted for more area, but the profit is quite substantial, the baby store, especially small city or town, you must on the baby, not necessarily on the whole, but at least you can on the cart, tricycle and bicycle.

: the products include: baby books, CDs, preschool education products, this is the spirit of baby food, as is an indispensable product. Problems and toys, like, if natural sales, it is no sales. But in any case, the salesperson must learn how to sell books, because books are also high profits, repeat the strong consumer goods. If the baby supplies store even recommended books

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