Zhang Shuying, along with the development of society business flow

wants to be a successful entrepreneur, not a simple thing. She is 44 years old, first venture, entrepreneurial gold 5000 yuan building materials; she was 59 years old, two venture, cross industry opened up sugar free drinks; she was 62 years old, three venture, do the farmyard, engage in customs tour; she was 64 years old, established 10 enterprises; she is Zhang Shuying.

, she went to the house. The manager did not believe how quickly she changed, even 4 days to talk about for the party. It is by virtue of this twist finally signed a big contract.

2001 Twilight old age, Zhang Shuying 59 years old, she had no material related to the building and beverage projects. Children are supported, but she did not measure.

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