What changes have been made in Wang Yongxiang’s store management

In the process of the development of the

era, people’s consumption patterns have changed, if you want to have been the development of the shop, it also needs to make changes in the business. As a rural shop owner, Wang Yongxiang to cater to the demand of modern people, in the stores above will make a lot of changes, let the shop management have been improved, so as to create more benefits.

convenience store opened in the countryside, with the improvement of the level of consumption of rural residents and consumer attitudes change, convenience store business is no longer as prosperous as in previous years. Especially with the rise of online shopping and the opening of large supermarkets, some young people’s consumption concept has undergone tremendous changes. They are either directly at home a little bit from the point of online shopping, or like driving a large supermarket to implement a shopping, the purchase of goods not only cheap, but also convenient and affordable.

however, this emerging consumer habits change, but to our rural convenience stores have an impact, if we still sit to view, do not think change, the near future will be mercilessly eliminated by the market. Therefore, how to adapt to the changing situation of our sales model, improve the level of sales, I have been thinking in recent years and try to solve the problem. Through careful thinking, I tried to change the following aspects, and achieved some results.

is a variable for open guest sit. Previously, due to the rural convenience store is convenient and affordable, and our service is relatively some lower grade retail stores more standardized, we are sitting in the shop door, business is very prosperous. But now, we find that the guest sit before the sales model has become increasingly unsuited to the changes of the times, especially before the kind of customers to choose their own goods, and then get the settlement Taiwan settlement services have been unable to completely let the customers feel convenient and affordable.

in order to attract customers, retain customers, and I try to implement open. For service personnel, as long as the customer to shop, you must immediately went to meet with the right tone of politeness, inquired about their shopping needs, guide the shop quickly, and as much as possible for customers to introduce more affordable prices, higher quality goods, so that customers enjoy the satisfaction of shopping service. During the boot process, also from the price and quality of other goods to strengthen our advantages of publicity, so that customers shopping at the same time, we can acquire competitive advantage, to lay a good foundation for the next shopping.

, for example, the day before yesterday when an old customer to shop shopping, a door, our service staff quickly stepped forward to meet, ask what they need to buy. The customer smiled and said, "when did your service become more enthusiastic?" Our service staff replied with a smile: "yes, we are to make our service every day to make you more satisfied." And began to choose their shopping. After shopping

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