Recommended for you the five most profitable industries in 2016

annual market and consumer preferences are changing, grasp the opportunity is the most important key to success. Xiaobian for you to recommend the five most profitable industry in 2016, which will add a bit of confidence in your entrepreneurial path.

1. cosmetic care, slimming and other beauty industry

ever more would like to venture for men, but from the survey found recently joined the show business, the female and the male proportion of entrepreneurs has risen to 1:1. Women’s entrepreneurial willingness to improve, in addition to other factors, but also because many women have seen in recent years, cosmetic care, slimming beauty and other specialized business opportunities for their peers".

2. services diversified City convenience store industry

According to the convenience store industry experience

3. drug stores and health food stores and other health services industry

4. processing, wholesale and retail apparel industry

to children’s clothing market as an example. According to statistics, at present, China’s 0 to 16 year old children have a year of about 380 million, children’s consumption demand in about 800 million. In recent years, China’s children’s clothing market is expected to increase at a rate of around 8% a year, which is one of the most promising markets in china.

5. cross-border electricity supplier

Internet driven because of the development of global economic integration, foreigners can also buy Chinese products through the Internet, more and more entrepreneurs to open cross-border business shop, domestic products sold abroad, such as the well-known cross-border business incubator service platform designed to help others through the Bay owns cross-border electricity supplier business, only made a number of 2015 the millionaire, the foreseeable future of the development of the field potential.

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