Open a child living museum easily earn baby money

with the increasing number of infants and young children, the market demand for infant products is also rising. In the face of this blank market, entrepreneurs have to do is seize the opportunity to seize the opportunity. Now want to make money from infants and young children, open a child living museum is still very promising.

began to appear in the industry of Hangzhou before and after 2006, beginning not to be worried about the health and safety of infant parents to accept, and other issues of public space. However, with the gradual cultivation of the market, as well as the ability to accept new things stronger after 80 become the main body of infants and young children, infants and children living museum gradually flourished. Mothers have found that it can provide a more comfortable bathing environment and a more sanitary environment for children.

these baby living museum mainly in the large area inside or several small center. There are three main formats: the formation of the brand of small shops, big brands of additional service stores, joined the chain store. Because of this industry is more and more optimistic about the recent years led to uncontrolled expansion, supply is greater than demand, which did not form a brand of small shops gradually due to join the chain store opened in the district and closed down. Which brand added service shop is not the mainstream market, but additional services in some shopping malls and other big brands Abbott provided.

Direct chain due to the high cost, the market share is slower, so almost all of the brand within the industry to the rapid expansion and return of funds, choose the franchise expansion strategy. But the disadvantages of franchising is extremely obvious, especially not the standard specification is not in this industry, the franchisee depends on the brand is low, often at the expense of service quality and brand for short-term interests. The majority of the brand itself has only one or two stores, the control of the franchisee is also very weak. So the final result is that the brand in the franchisee to reach a certain number of people began to decline.

There are a lot of

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