Batman Chinese Hot pot friends lively constantly praise

in accordance with the practice of the first film, starring need publicity, recently, "Batman wars Superman" in the upcoming release Chinese, Batman actor Ben · Affleck is the first to Chinese propaganda, in the meantime, Batman like China Hot pot delicious, in this small series also wish at the box office.

"Batman vs. Superman" upcoming Batman, who played the · Affleck praised Chinese that Batman is Hot pot, first came to Chinese, is Chinese mapping for Hot pot is delicious, netizens commented, Batman is a hardcore of the bat man, Batman will also be transformed with PK Song Joong Ki chowhound sister liao.

"Batman vs. Superman" on March 25th synchronous North American release, yesterday, "Batman" who played the · Affleck, "Superman" played by Henry · Carville airborne Beijing, opened the first station in the film world.

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