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A long, narrow portion of the

nipple diameter is about 08 ~ 15 cm, there are many pits on it, as the milk ducts opening. The annular region around the nipple skin pigmentation is deep areola. The areola diameter is about 3 ~ 4 cm, various colors were red roses, adolescent pregnancy, lactation, dark brown pigmentation deepened. Department of breast skin in the gland around the nipple and areola in thick, thin. Superficial subcutaneous veins can be seen through the skin.

that forms the breast and extends to the armpit. The young female nipple generally located in the fourth intercostal or fifth intercostal level, midclavicular line 1 cm; middle-aged female nipple in the sixth intercostal level, 1 ~ 2 cm midclavicular line.

was located in the anterior part of the pectoralis major muscle of both sides, and the location was also related to age, body shape and breast development. Among the adult female breast generally located in the chest second ~ 6 ribs, margin nearly parasternal, lateral edge to the axillary, breast hypertrophy of axillary midline.

breast may vary greatly due to race, heredity, age, lactation and other factors. In our country, the breasts of adult women are generally hemispherical or conical shape, and the two sides are basically symmetrical. The breasts of older women tend to sag and become soft. The central part of the breast is the nipple. The normal nipples are cylindrical or conical, with a symmetrical, pink or brown surface.

The morphology of

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