College students how to come up with good entrepreneurial projects

countries for college students entrepreneurship is a strong support, but also introduced a variety of preferential policies, but also does have a lot of college students embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. However, despite the current business environment is very good, but the real college students to start a good project is very small. In the final analysis, or the issue of innovation. So, how do students come up with good entrepreneurial projects? Let’s analyze it together.

national public record space emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, this is a good phenomenon, because the need for a double bearing platform. At the same time, this should allow us to have a sense of urgency, so much of the public space, excellent entrepreneurial projects did not appear as a blowout, which is why? Why now college students can not get a good venture? This is the social needs, but also the responsibility of College students.

so how to cultivate the innovation ability of college students? Our children to a lack of high school from kindergarten, is the cultivation of the imagination, this is the lack of China students, often turn a blind eye to change around, lack of ideas.

Ma had said that in the past to fight memory, the future imagination. This requires the university education of college students from the classroom, starting from the innovation platform, so that students with innovative ability, entrepreneurial skills, with hatching ability, and thus help to double the times, become the main force.

innovation should be a course, throughout the life of students learning. So, the Northeastern University will decompose into the "three hit", namely: creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, first let the students have the idea, on the principle of combining theory and practice, the creative development of the elective courses, pay attention to the cultivation of innovative methods and skills.

so, colleges and universities should train students to find problems, or solve the problem? The first problem to be solved is that entrepreneurship can not be narrow, to understand the business, to provide innovative ideas in the work, the development of patented products, etc.. Innovation, entrepreneurial skills, schools should be the direction of training. It is not suitable for college graduates to start their own business.

for example, a college student in the school innovation and entrepreneurial base to do a robot entrepreneurial projects, the successful formation of their own entrepreneurial team. However, after graduation, he chose to work in a world 500 companies in Shanghai, and has worked in the market, R & D and other departments, and even served as head of the department.

now, two years later, he returned to school campus, to build their own entrepreneurial team…… Entrepreneurship is certainly a painful process, and did not find a job so stable, so the decision before the start, students need appropriate training, how to solve the problem of the ability to exercise.

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