A cloth shoe store what business skills

in the current venture market, due to the country’s various preferential policies of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship has become a very simple thing. However, if you want to succeed in business, naturally there are more business skills we need to grasp. Then, a cloth shoe store what business skills?

model store display

the shoes store though little store, but arranged antique. Log color signs carved with black paint characters, door stickers that antithetical couplet is very eye-catching – "respect our self-cultivation, wear shoes xiantingxinbu".


store shelves filled with every kind of shoes, from the baby tiger shoes to young people’s fashion high-heeled shoes, embroidered cloth shoes, imitation leather shoes style mens shoes, also very welcome by the elderly handmade cloth shoes, straight people see dazzling.


store is shoes with cotton, velveteen fabric upper, sole is quite traditional Melaleuca natural jute is satisfied at the end, breathable, wear leather bottom. Because the production of sophisticated, fashionable, really like shoes from afar. The price of shoes with shoes materials as amiable and easy of approach are hundred yuan, in general, the most expensive 38 yuan, the most expensive is the double palm shoes, the price of nearly 200 yuan.

entrepreneurial motivation

young shopkeeper Liang Xinwen told reporters that she had to do a salesperson in a cloth shop, one day she asked herself: "to help others make money, why can’t be your own boss?" In this way, in November last year, she started the entrepreneurial process with 40 thousand yuan.

business Youdao

According to Liang Xinwen

, shoes customers to housewives and the elderly, more specifically, a thirty or forty year old housewife is the main consumer of shoes stores, many old customers will become loyal customers come back. Target customers for their own stores, she is also very targeted in terms of management.

"Excuse me" traditional culture


Liang Xinwen said that there is a certain historical background cloth goods, shoes to do business, to dig culture shoes. She said proudly: "you look at my store, is not very unique? The Chinese people are willing to carry forward the ancestors of things can flourish. I also pay great attention to the choice of shoes in the cultural taste, you see this brand from Qufu Confucius family." She took out a shoe with the bag, kraft paper, printed with a pattern of "the Analects", also use a look very like the Imperial Palace paintings with a sense of history and local painting, shoes complement each other.

2. integrity as the service for the first


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