How much is the old Shengchang soup Museum investment funds

world no matter how long as long as there are Chinese people, it is necessary to eat Chinese food, this is not a habit, more precisely, this is a national belief. The current food and beverage industry in China has occupied its favorable position, who is difficult to shake. Very remarkable achievements have been made in many Chinese business projects in the old hall brand Shengchang soup. How to join the old Chang Sheng Tang Museum, what needs attention? Then we discuss the old Sheng Chang soup Museum jiamengfei how much money this problem.

different types of franchisees receive old Shengchang dumplings Museum cost is different, the old Shengchang steamed meat dumpling franchise fee more or less depending on the city and join the franchise type. The table will tell you how old Shengchang dumplings Museum to join the cost.

How much is the old

Sheng Chang soup Museum investment funds?

old Shengchang soup hall joined cost:

joined the city’s first tier cities (to Shenzhen as an example) second tier cities (to Zhengzhou as an example) three line city (Linyi, for example)

shop area of 100 square meters with 100 square meters and 100 square meters

rent costs 32 thousand yuan / month, 25 thousand yuan / month, 22 thousand yuan / month

decoration costs 400 yuan / square meters to 300 yuan / square meters to 300 yuan / square meters

equipment cost 25 thousand yuan 20 thousand yuan 18 thousand yuan

advertising costs 7000 yuan 6000 yuan 5000 yuan

opening costs 4000 yuan 4000 yuan 3000 yuan

staff wages 3500 yuan / month / person (7) $3000 / month / person (7) $2200 / month / person (7)

utilities charges 700 yuan / month 600 yuan / month 500 yuan / month

liquidity 170 thousand yuan 140 thousand yuan 110 thousand yuan

total investment costs 303 thousand and 200 yuan 246 thousand and 600 yuan 203 thousand and 900 yuan

investment costs are estimated, may differ from the actual situation, for reference only.


can be seen in the table, join the old Shengchang soup Museum brand franchise fees is first-tier cities (Shenzhen for example) need to invest 303 thousand and 200 yuan, second tier city (Zhengzhou for example) investment in 24.66>

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