Chifeng City, the first electricity supplier entrepreneurship training classes start

in a mass like entrepreneurship environment, entrepreneurship has become a very common way of social entrepreneurship in Inner Mongolia, the city of Chifeng opened the first business entrepreneurship training, welcome.

the signing of cooperation, to solve the bottleneck problem for the supply of local electricity supplier entrepreneurs, while the park with guarantee mechanism for entrepreneurs to solve the problem of stock funds. This class hired senior lecturer at Taobao university teaching, teaching time is 6 days, followed by the local electricity supplier to lead the students to combat online operations.

through training and guide more entrepreneurs to enter the field of electronic commerce entrepreneurial employment, through e-commerce combined with local characteristics so that entrepreneurs learn to shop online, make the local agricultural and sideline products go out to the field of high-quality products to the electricity supplier personnel input skills training for traditional enterprises more, realize entrepreneurship and traditional business transformation upgrade.

The Inner Mongolia Chifeng city to carry out


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