Mobile nternet startups are not good days

with the continuous development of the market, all walks of life have a variety of updates and changes. Experienced the past two years after the mushrooming of competitive, mobile Internet startups found that the day is not good.

"a lot of entrepreneurial projects have become a public welfare project. So far this year, the early teams were not doing anything good. Or 10 a year, but there are 500 VC waiting there." Bean fruit network founder Wang Yuxiang said.

VC days are not as good as the former scenery. Over the past two years, Sequoia Capital, Jingwei venture capital, IDG and other institutions in the mobile Internet investment radical, but two years later, it is difficult to quit. On the one hand, they are looking for investment opportunities for new projects, more focus on how to quit.

"mobile Internet is coming to an end, the second generation mobile Internet business has come to an end." UC excellent, as co-founder and President of He Xiaopeng Tencent technology summary.

"I now pay less than 6 CTO in the cool, the feeling of living in dire straits, I CTO circle of friends to see me now the state did not dare to start. >

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